Unbound Commitment by Sierra Cartwright
Elloraís Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN 1-4199-0823-5
Reviewed by Nannette

Rachel wants to be mastered.  Being tied up or spanked a little is not enough.  She wants to be controlled, dominated, made into a slave.  Rachelís friend, Cindy, sets her up with Sir James.  James is angry at first when it becomes clear that Rachel has no experience being a slave but he begins her harsh training anyway.  Their time together will last one week.

Rachel is looking for fulfillment.  She hopes James can give her that.  James thinks Rachel is lost and unsure of what she wants and what she can handle.  As the week progresses, James learns everything about Rachel.  Rachel begins to learn about James as well.  Their master / slave relationship is turning into so much more, but are either of them ready to accept the next step?       

Unbound Commitment overwhelms the senses.  I was mesmerized by Rachel's experiences.  James is just as vulnerable as Rachel but for different reasons.  I was on edge constantly.  Anxious to see how the story would end, wondering if James and Rachel would stay together at the end of the week. The BDSM is extreme in Unbound Commitment.  There is humiliation, beatings and more, but at no time is Rachel subjected to anything she does not want.  Unbound Commitment is an amazing story about finding trust and love, both in one self and in another.  Admittedly, I do not generally choose to read books with heavy BDSM in them, but I am so glad I read Unbound Commitment.  It took me beyond what I thought I could handle as a reader and I found the experience to be breathtaking and beautiful.



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