Thrice United by Lauren Dane
Witches Knot series, Book 4
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Paranormal/Ménage
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0754-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Holly Daniels lost her mother to cancer months ago and she is striving to complete school and work in order to survive.  At a book signing, her eyes meet that of an attractive man across the room.  As Holly doesn’t have time for entanglements, she leaves before he can talk with her.  Since that night, Holly has felt like she is being stared at and watched.  The feeling is somewhat antagonistic and a sense of danger invades her thoughts.  Holly puts it out of her mind and rushes home.  It is during a late shift that she watches the most strikingly beautiful man she has ever seen walk through the door.  As if he is on a mission, he heads her way and introduces himself.  Almost unable to tear her eyes away from him, she promises to look for his friend and goes about her business all the while silently and secretly watching him.  When his friend walks in, she immediately recognizes him from the bookstore.  Unashamedly her eyes meet theirs but before acting upon her attraction, she notices that two women are now with them and so Holly quietly gives up and heads home knowing that there is no way those men would ever want her.

Vampire Rhett Dubois senses Holly is his mate.  Having seen her a few weeks earlier, he can’t get her out of his mind.  He also senses something else about her but can’t put his finger on what it is.  Quietly following her home and shadowing her when he can, he feels immense joy in her very existence.  Telling his friend and roommate about her, he verbalizes his thoughts to Nate.  What happens next surprises him and he becomes almost warlike in his defenses. 

Nate Hamilton just wanted to check out the woman that Rhett has been mooning over.  He had no plans to interfere at all.  Well, fate decided differently and instead of a relationship with two, the relationship might be with three.  Both vampires must come to terms with sharing Holly and just when they decide to go after her, they sense her fear and the fact that she is in tremendous danger.  They rush to her defense, only to learn the one thing Holly’s mother kept hidden from Holly her entire life.  Now Nate, Holly, and Rhett must contend with a new found love and new found relatives.  Relatives that are anything but ordinary.

Thrice United has to be one of Lauren Dane’s best books ever.  I utterly was enthralled from beginning to end reading about this wonderful family of witches and their various mates.  Speaking of mates, could Rhett and Nate have been any more luscious?  I don’t think so.  Perfect for Holly in every way, I adored the added D/s element in Nate’s character.  Both were sinfully naughty and totally adorable in their love for their Holly.  Their love for her and her love for them made my heart pound and my palms sweat. 

Thrice United is the fourth book of the Witches Knot series and once more we are witness to the incredible love of this wonderful family of females who love, laugh, and are loyal to each other.  I emphatically recommend this book quite joyfully! 


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