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The Nymph King by Gena Showalter
Atlantis Series, Book 3
HQN Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 0373771886
Reviewed by Shannon

Valerian, King of the Nymphs, needs to find something to satisfy his warriors.  They have recently been fighting alongside the vampires in the war against the dragons.  Without sex, they are weakened and they can’t afford to be weak during this turbulent time.  Unfortunately, their women have gone missing.  Deciding that he must do something, Valerian has taken it upon himself to lead a party into the portal to the surface of earth to find women.  Not the hardest thing to do; most women are captivated by nymphs.  In all his six hundred years, Valerian never expected to find that the one woman who completes him, is the one woman who can ignore him like no other.

Shaye Holling needs to find something to save her from the wedding she is attending.  She is doing her daughterly duty¾again¾for her mom, but this time she has had enough.  Shaye has learned a lesson¾she doesn’t want to get hurt so she refuses to get involved.  It’s why she started her anti-card business, designing cards with slogans like “I’m so miserable without you, it’s almost like you’re here”.  Life is perfect.  Or it would be except for the sex god that emerges from the sea, kidnapping her and taking her back with him to Atlantis.

Shaye is undeniably drawn to Valerian, but she can’t let him know that.  She doesn’t believe him when he says she is his mate.  Valerian can see beneath her prickly exterior to the soft gentle woman inside.  He doesn’t understand why she continually denies him.  He can’t understand why he can defeat an army of demons, yet one single human woman has him tied up in knots.

There is more at stake for Valerian than simply convincing his mate that she belongs to him.  Valerian is at war, and there are forces that would like nothing more than to see him destroyed.  Can Shaye and Valerian survive what is about to come?

The Nymph King is quite simply stunning with its combination of tender romance, incredible heat, a fascinating world and enough action to keep one enthralled throughout.  I loved Valerian, and Shaye was the perfect woman to take him down a peg or two.  Their journey together was hilarious to read about; Gena Showalter has always captured my attention with her humorous dialogue, and The Nymph King delivers on that front.  A host of appealing secondary characters add yet another layer to The Nymph King, and I found myself cheering on the others, especially Brenna.  The Nymph King is an incredible tale, and a wonderful addition to Gena Showalter’s Altantis series.



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