The Life and Loves of April Johnson by Eve Vaughn
Samhain Publishing
I/R Chick Lit
ISBN 1-59998-124-6
Reviewed by Amelia

Itís April Johnsonís ten-year high school reunion.  Sheís been successful in life: going to culinary school and working as a chef in Paris.  Now she operates her own catering business in New York City.


At the reunion she comes into contact with her past: Richard Slick and Marcus Dawson.  Richard was a high school nerd, and Aprilís prom date.  Now heís a successful software producer, and total hunk.   Marcus is the man who took her virginity, and broke her heart. Now heís a big-time actor.


At the reunion, April realizes that she has a choice. Both men express a desire to have a relationship with her.  Her choice will set her on a course of life where she will be forced to discover things about herself, and about love.


The Life and Loves of April Johnson is a beautifully written novel about the choices that we make in life, and about being able to love more than one person.  The emotions in The Life and Loves of April Johnson hit me hard, and made me feel exactly what the characters were feeling. 


Aprilís choices, and the way she handles them, propels the readers into her life, with all of its ups and downs. I highly recommend The Life and Loves of April Johnson.  Just make sure you set aside enough time to finish The Life and Loves of April Johnson all at once. Because once you start reading you wonít want to stop.



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