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Surviving Demon Island by Jaci Burton
Demon Hunters Series
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0-440-24335-9
Reviewed by Georgia

When leading female action star Gina Bliss is offered the chance to participate in a new reality show, she’s a little skeptical.  Yet once the premise of the show – using her wits and skills to kill “demons” while at the same time avoiding being captured and eliminated – is explained to her, she realizes it’s exactly what she wants in a vacation…some fun in the sun on a deserted tropical island, kicking butt and competing against other survival types.  Throw in good-looking, bad-boy-in-black, survival specialist Derek Marks and Gina really begins to enjoy herself. 

Derek has read Gina’s bio as well as the packet put together for the “reality show”, but meeting her and watching her in action makes him realize just how much she appeals to him.  However, when a “hunt” ends in death and the secrets of Demon Island are revealed, putting Gina and all of the hunters in danger, Derek realizes his feelings for her are more that just physical.  Can these two self-professed loners face the fact that they need each other in order to defeat the evil that surrounds them?

Surviving Demon Island is phenomenal!  As always, Jaci Burton is a must read.  She creates a story that is packed with action, adventure and love.  The characters are well developed, realistic and engaging.  Gina and Derek have a chemistry that is apparent right from the beginning.  Each is scarred emotionally by their past but as they grow to depend on each other for survival, they also begin to build a real relationship.  Although Gina could easily have been portrayed as a Prima Donna actress, instead she comes across as a strong, kick-ass heroine who is genuinely likable.  As for Derek, he’s smart, sexy and a born leader.  When he must face the demons of his past, we get to see just how strong he really is.  Between the sizzling hot love scenes and the fast-paced demon hunting and destroying, Surviving Demon Island will leave you breathless with anticipation.  I can’t wait to read more in this fascinating Demon Hunters series.   



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