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Sinful by Nathalie Gray
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0637-2
Reviewed by Klarissa

As a 26 year old woman it’s unusual for her to run a distillery, but Charlotte must.  The bourbon she produces happens to be the Duke’s favorite.  Even though her brother has been away at war, she has done her best to keep the family bourbon producing.

Unfortunately, now Charlotte is about to be forced to marry a man who was once a friend, but has turned evil after his return from the war.  Her family, when alive, had treated him like a son and now he wants everything that belongs to Charlotte.  She won’t allow it and will fight tooth and nail for her home and the distillery.

After one passionate night with a stranger, she never expects to see him again.  Especially not as the man that has come to ruin her life.  Now Charlotte must fight a man who wants her just for her lands, but also fight her feelings against another man who is forbidden for her to have.

Sinful by Nathalie Gray is a must read!  Full of emotions and passion to the rim, you’ll be compelled to continue reading.  I had a hard time putting this book down.  I felt connected to these characters in such a way I was sad when the story ended.  Charlotte and Gautier are wonderful together, constantly battling their true feelings.  If you have never read Ms. Gray’s work you’re missing one very talented author.  Go quickly to Ellora’s Cave and pick up Sinful!  It truly is sinful!



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