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Seduced By Magic by Cheyenne McCray
Magic Series, Book 2
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 0-31293-763-6
Reviewed by Lyonene

Over a year ago, Copper Ashcroft disappeared with no trace.  Friends and family have searched relentlessly to no avail, but they all hold the hope that she’ll be returned unharmed to them one day. 

After having a dream-vision of doing a Moon Ritual alone on a small portion of beach known only to the D’Anu witches of her coven, Copper tries to protect herself from attack but the spell she invokes goes awry.  In the Otherworld, Copper tries repeatedly to escape from the trap she has mysteriously landed herself into as well as some Fairies, Brownies, and other magic folk.  Another day, another spell, only this time instead of nothing coming of it, Copper brings a D’Danann warrior to her.  Sure, she’s been dying to get laid, but to bring a warrior to her, albeit a gorgeous one, wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

Summoned to the Earth realm by Silver Ashcroft to help in their fight against Darkwolf and the Fomorii, Tiernan and Hawk have stayed after the first battle to join with the the D’Anu coven of gray witches and the Paranormal Special Forces until the Formorii were banished back to the Underworld where they belonged.  Spending so much time in the past year with Silver, Teirnan has become fascinated with Silver’s missing sister.  Every time he sees her photograph, he finds himself intrigued with the redhead, almost to the point of obsession. 

Seduced By Magic is an absolutely fantastic story that grabbed my attention immediately and pulled me into the book so completely that I stayed up all night; I simply could not stop reading until the last page was finished.  Cheyenne McCray has been a favorite author of mine for a long time, and Seduced By Magic is just one more example of why.  The world Cheyenne has created in the Magic Series feels so real that imagining being there is natural.  The characters are multi-faceted and fully fleshed out to the point that they felt like friends, even down to Zephyr, the Fairies and other magic folk that spent time with Copper during her imprisonment within the magical shield.  Magic, danger, passion and superb characters, this book has it all and more!  Seduced By Magic is one of those rare books that had me living the story as I read and I can’t wait for the next book!!



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