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Passionate Realities by Nicole Austin
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Ménage a trois or More / Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0221-0
Reviewed by Jo

Cassandra McCarthy has been writing romances for a few years now and has a pretty good list of published books.  But now her editor wants her to begin writing in a new area of the genre - erotic romance.  Cassandra is at a loss here because she doesn’t even understand about most of the toys.  Ever helpful, her editor/friend has given her a box full of research and links to several well-known erotic books.  While beginning her research, Cassandra knows of one person she would love to research on - her brother-in-law, Aiden.

Aiden McCarthy has helped Cassandra to get over the emotional damage his brother did to her before his death.  Now he wants with everything he has to take their relationship to the next level and show Cassandra just what she means to him.  Cassandra and Aiden begin to take their relationship into the bedroom through starts and stops.  After Aiden allows a misunderstanding to separate him from Cassandra, his best friend, Travis Lundy, steps in to try and help Cassandra understand what has happened and why.  

Travis and Cassandra realize that they have passionate feelings that are very close to the surface.  Believing that he will lose his chance with Cassandra forever, Travis agrees to a plan that Cassandra has to show Aiden exactly how she feels.  This night turns out unlike any of the parties would have thought.  Can Cassandra, Aiden and Travis figure out a way to go forward that will give all of them a happy ever after?

Passionate Realities begins with Cassandra and Aiden trying to work out their feelings for each other and ends up with an unusual family that makes all the parties and Cassandra’s daughter happy in a way no one can doubt.  I loved reading about Cassandra learning how to show her feelings and explore her sensuality.  Travis and Aiden have been life long friends and share a unique friendship that changes in a way they would not have anticipated before meeting Cassandra.  Ms. Austin has a love story of discoveries for all of the parties involved that kept me on the edge of my seat.  Of course the sex is hot, but I found that it was the feelings portrayed so well and openly was what caught and kept my attention in this story.  Passionate Realities is a must read that will have a permanent place on my shelf and one I plan on re-reading several times.

One word of caution is that anyone that has a problem with same sex or multiple partner sex may not enjoy the last few chapters of this book although I found it very well and sensitively written.



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