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Midnight Confessions by Bonnie Edwards
Kensington Aphrodisia
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN 0-7582-1420-0
Reviewed by Shannon

Faye Grantham needs something, preferably something hot and hard.  Coming to the hotel bar is her last resort to scratch the itch that has been building inside of her for the past three months.  She needs a man to teach her how to come, to teach her what she is doing wrong when it comes to sex.  She needs a man to teach her what her fiancé Colin hasn’t been able to manage.

Faye can’t figure out what has happened to her since inheriting Perdition House, the old family brothel that came to her when her Great Auntie Mae Grantham passed away, but she is about to take a step toward finding out.  Her craving for sex has increased, but Colin just can’t satisfy her.  She needs something...more.

In the dim lights of the bar, she meets Mark McLeod—handsome, sinful Mark—who happens to be perfect for the anonymous sex that she craves.  Mark does something for her that she never thought possible.  He is more than up to the task of teaching her what she needs to know…over and over again.

The next day, Faye decides to pick up the keys to Perdition House.  If she is planning on selling it, it should at least have a family member live on the grounds one last time.  When she walks into the law firm, she gets another surprise…Liam Watson.  Liam proves that whatever happened with Mark wasn’t just a fluke.  All her cravings have come back, and Liam might just the man to help her with them.

Faye has a lot of decisions that need to be made.  Taking two weeks out of her work schedule to take care of Perdition House should be just enough time to get her feelings sorted out.  She wasn’t counting on the women of Perdition House and she didn’t expect to get swept up in their lives and stories.  Every day, she falls more in love with her family home and the people within it.  Every day, she can’t stop thinking about Mark and Liam.  Will the magic—and ghostly inhabitants—of Perdition House lead her to taking a step toward a new life or will she go back to her old one?

Midnight Confessions is a fabulous read that combines heart-pounding sex and heart-warming familial love.  Bonnie Edwards knows just how to build the suspense until I was quivering to see what—or who—would come next.  Mark and Liam are both incredibly appealing and I loved reading every minute of Faye’s journey at Perdition House.  The characters in Midnight Confessions are multi-layered and interesting—from Faye herself, to her men and finally to the women of the brothel.  Their midnight confessions to Faye had me panting for more and I found myself caught up, unwilling to put Midnight Confessions down for fear I would miss something!  I can’t wait to read more about these intriguing characters.  Midnight Confessions was my first introduction to Bonnie Edwards but it definitely won’t be my last!



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