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Inferno by Vivi Anna
Hell Kat, Book 2
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 0-7582-1496-0
Reviewed by Lyonene

The World…

The after-effects of the nuclear blasts were devastating. At ground zero everything was destroyed. Things were minutely better the farther away they were, but the entire world was changed forever.  200 years later things were beginning to return to their former state, but the devastation is still very much felt.  Mutants, both human and animal, are still littered through the planet, probably forever.  Without the protective ozone layer surrounding the earth, the mid-day sun would literally fry anything unprotected from its rays within hours.

Seven months ago Kat walked away from Hades convinced that if the Dark Dweller’s virus running through her veins took over, she’d be too dangerous to be around.  Ever since, she’s been searching for a cure, and now she may have found one…but she needs Hades’ help to get into Inferno City to get it. 

Hades was devastated to watch the only woman he’s ever loved ride out of his life, but going up north and getting far away from ground zero has been a dream of his for years and he is determined to follow it.  Hades got his house in the north, all four seasons…but he still misses Kat.  Finally he’s stopped dreaming about her every night, but he still feels her absence keenly.

It took him much longer than it should have to notice that there was someone in his house, he’d lost his edge.  Seeing Kat sitting at his kitchen table at first shocked him, she’d changed.  Her hair was short and her eye was no longer white; the virus running through her system had healed her blindness…and she was asking him to go with her to Inferno.  He didn’t think he could do it, at least that was his plan before the Dark Dwellers came to his village, hard on Kat’s heels to take her back to Baruch.  Kat was the only one that had ever defied him, and he’d break her to his will, even if he ended up killing her in the process.  No one defied him, ever.

As soon as I received Inferno I had to open it and start reading!  Hell Kat is still one of my all-time favorite books and I’ve been yearning for its sequel for a long time.  Inferno definitely doesn’t disappoint!!  I loved seeing how both Kat and Hades had changed through their experiences apart and how this time neither of them was willing to give the other up, no matter the consequences.  Inferno is packed full of action, adventure and incredible characters and I can’t recommend this story highly enough!!  Although Inferno could stand on it’s own, I do recommend that you get Hell Kat so that you get the full spectrum of both Inferno and the world that it’s taking place in.  I do hope that there’s another book in the works, I’d love to find out exactly ‘what’ Onyx is. 



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