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Hot Pursuit
Dirty Secrets by Karen Rose
Necessary Betrayals by Annie Solomon
Endless Night by Carla Cassidy
Romantic Suspense Anthology
Signet Eclipse
ISBN 0-451-21734-9
Reviewed by Nannette


Dirty Secrets by Karen Rose

Christopher Walker is a chemistry professor.  He finds the body of his student and friend Darrell Roberts in the lab one night.  It looks like Darrell may have been murdered and Christopher has no idea why.

Emma Townsend is a successful author.  She has written a book about how to deal with grief.  Emma lost her husband Will a year ago and since she has been touring almost non-stop in an attempt to avoid the home she and her husband lived in.   Her assistant and best friend Kate has rearranged Emmaís schedule and is taking her home to face her grief.  While sorting through her husband's belongings, Emma comes across a love letter written to her from her old friend Christopher back in high school.  Emma never saw the letter then, so she decides to find Chris and let him know.

The desire Chris had for Emma is just as strong now as it was then and Emma feels it too, but there are obstacles in their way.  Christopher's daughter Megan refuses to allow Emma to take her mother's place.  Then the danger escalates and Emma's life is threatened.  Christopher waited seventeen years for Emma to come back into his life and now he's terrified he'll lose her again at the hands of a killer. 

There is gripping suspense, a surprise villain and plenty of action in Dirty Secrets.  This, combined with the tender and sensual romance between Emma and Christopher make Dirty Secrets a fantastic story.  Emma and Christopher are wonderful; the story and surrounding characters are all thoroughly engaging as well.  Dirty Secrets is filled with thrills, chills and heartwarming passion.  It's a superb romantic suspense story.


Necessary Betrayals by Annie Solomon

Francesca Bern becomes frantic when she gets a call from her fifteen year-old sister Gina.  Gina's message got cut off before she could explain why she sounded so scared.  All Frannie heard was the name Calvino.  Arturo Calvino is a mob boss who was also a good friend of Frannie's father.  When Frannie gets to Arturo's house the place is surrounded by cops, Frannie discovers that Arturo has been murdered.  Now Frannie fears for Gina's life.  One of the officers at the house is Quinn Parker.  Frannie hasn't seen Quinn in five years.  Not since he helped put her father in prison.

Frannie finds herself reluctantly working with the man she loved, but no longer trusts to find Gina.  When the tables get turned, Frannie has to decide if she want Quinn back in her life or will she betray him this time.

From start to finish the action and drama is non-stop in Necessary Betrayals.  This emotional story is surrounded with angst.  Frannie and Quinn have such sizzling chemistry, they are so right together.  Necessary Betrayals is a great story that left me satisfied with it's ending but still wanting more.


Endless Night by Carla Cassidy

Amanda Kincaid has just suffered through a horrible blind date.  Clay Murdock was rude and inattentive throughout dinner.  Now, all Amanda wants is to drop Clay off and forget the whole thing, but when she is about to drive away a shot rings out and Amanda finds herself sitting alongside Clay as he races through the streets trying to get away from the shooter. 

Clay is desperate to get himself and Amanda out of harmís way but he can't tell her what's going on.  When the truth does comes out though, Amanda turns out to be a lot tougher than he originally thought.

Endless Night starts off with a bang and ends with a sigh.  The action and excitement continue throughout the story until its tender conclusion.  Amanda and Clay are wonderful characters.  The emptiness in their lives is filled unexpectedly and completely when they find each other.  It's a fresh, exciting story.


Each story in Hot Pursuit is mysterious, exciting and romantic.  Dirty Secrets Tugged at my heart while keeping me on the edge of my seat with suspense.  Necessary Betrayals is thrilling and heart warming, and Endless Night is non-stop action mixed with a tender budding romance.  Karen Rose, Annie Solomon and Carla Cassidy pen a trio of stories in Hot Pursuit that will thrill any romantic suspense fan!



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