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Fallon's Revenge by Mackenzie McKade
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-179-3
Reviewed by Gracie

Fallon McGregor is on the run from the most evil thing she has ever encountered, Pedro Chavez.  Chavez is a master vampire who turned her and killed her daughter, Christy.  Fallon has two goals.  She is going to kill Chavez and then join Christy in death, permanently.  She knows that she needs to feed before moving on to the next town in her journey to find the way to kill Chavez.  Fallon chooses a local cowboy bar not realizing that everything will change for her starting tonight.

Adrian Trask, master vampire, feels the lone vampire in his lands, and he senses her pain and fear.  When she enters the bar, Adrian knows instantly that he must have the beautiful vampire and is even willing to share himself, literally.  Adrian has been around for three centuries and he has never felt a pull like this before.

Fallon is not quite sure why she has agreed to feed from the sexy cowboy vampire, but she knows that she is drawn to him.  She, also, thinks Adrian can teach her what she needs to know…how to kill Chavez.  Adrian wants to help Fallon, but first she must learn to trust him.  As Fallon and Adrian grow closer, Fallon realizes that she must leave before jeopardizing Adrian and his people.  Adrian is not willing to let Fallon go—ever.  Will Fallon be able to not only escape her past but also move onto her future with Adrian?

Fallon’s Revenge was an outstanding read and Mackenzie McKade has outdone herself!  Fallon McGregor is a vampire who has seen the worst that life has to offer and she has no hope left.  Adrian Trask is the sexiest cowboy around and also a centuries old master vampire.  Fallon and Adrian are drawn together and neither expects to find anything lasting.  Mackenzie McKade pulls every emotion from her readers—humor, sadness, and horror—all with the most amazing love scenes.  I am hoping to see more from the characters that appeared in Fallon’s Revenge and will definitely add them to my keeper shelf.  While most often revenge is a dish best served cold, Fallon’s Revenge is served up in a smoking hot and extremely sexy dish!



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