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Dark Defender by Alexis Morgan
Paladins of Darkness, Book 2
Pocket Books
ISBN: 1-4165-2037-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Brenna Nichols waves goodbye to her father on his way to work.  That is the last thing she remembers until she wakes up aching in a hospital.  Finding out that harm has befallen her father, Brenna comes face to face with the one man who has always held her heart in the palm of his hand, Blake Trahern.  Still mad at him for leaving without a word twelve years ago, Brenna doesnít really want to listen to anything he might have to say.  Her stubbornness almost makes her lose her life, but once again, Blake rescues her and carries her swiftly away to safety.

Blake Trahern left Brenna for a reason.  While her father was his Paladin mentor, he could not tell Brenna what he was.  With her fatherís murder, Blake knows that he has to come clean with her in order to keep her safe.  He doesnít count on his feelings getting in the way and when he realizes that he craves Brennaís touch, he is startled but decides that he will love her and keep her safe for as long as he has breath in his body.  His possible demise is a topic he thinks about every day and while he longs to be with Brenna forever, he knows that his life as a Paladin warrior could end at any given moment. 

Brenna is full of dismay when Blake explains things to her.  Once she has calmed down enough to listen, Blake vows to her that he will find the person responsible and take him down.  They donít expect to find the love of a lifetime, but sometimes even deadly warriors deserve happiness.

After reading Dark Protector and loving it as much as I did, I figured there was no way that Alexis Morgan could ever write a follow up that would be as awe-inspiring.  This is one time that I am glad I was totally and completely wrong.  Dark Defender was everything that I hoped it would be and more.  Blake Trahern caught my eye and heart in Dark Protector.  Sitting on pins and needles, I found myself agonizing with Brenna over Blake and his possible descent into madness.  Blake needed Brenna in his life and their passion for each other transcended time.  Their love was not only passionate; it was electrifying.

I proudly and joyfully recommend Dark Defender.  Full of powerful emotions, sensuality that could make a nun blush and a wonderfully written plot, Dark Defender took over my life until the last word.  I find myself totally absorbed by these strong, loyal, and sexy guardian warriors and I canít wait to read the next installment!



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