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Cemetary Dancer by K.Z. Snow
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN 1-4199-0819-7
Reviewed by Amelia

Sophie Alanca is a medium.  She’s also a former nun who is dealing with years of pent-up sexual frustration.  Following the advice of her spirit guide, Esme, she decides to take care of her frustrations, and hopefully fend off the unwelcome advances of an evil spirit, by performing the Cemetery Dance, an ancient ritual that calls forth a spirit to provide pleasure to the dancer.

Harrison “Sonny” Brock is an anthropologist who is dabbling in ghost hunting when he sees a beautiful woman dancing naked in the cemetery.  He goes to her rescue after what looks to be just a sexual dance, turns into something sinister.  After meeting Sophie, Sonny finds himself drawn into a world of mediums and magick.

While trying to rid herself of her unwelcome suitor, Sophie enlists the help of Jackson Spey, a hot Harley-riding wizard, and the beautiful Angelina.  Once they discover who their opponent is, the quartet work to battle evil, while at the same time battling human emotions.

I was thoroughly enthralled by Cemetery Dancer.  Ms. Snow has created an atmospheric novel that pulls the reader in from the start and does not let go, even at the end.  I came to care about the characters so much that after the last word of the book I found myself wondering what would happen next.

I loved the relationship between Sophie and Sonny.  Their love was genuine and I felt each emotion that they did.  I highly recommend Cemetery Dancer and hope to see more titles from Ms. Snow in the future.



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