Bound for the Holidays by Mackenzie McKade
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1-59998-387-7
Reviewed by Klarissa

When Angela Clark misinterprets her bossís suggestion at the office party, her mind starts to fantasize on how Ryan Tyler would be in bed.  She canít believe it when Ryan actually asks her to go home with him.  She canít deny him, for a long time sheís had the hots for him.  Why would she say no now when otherwise she would be spending Christmas alone?  But what she doesnít expect is there is also a sexy as sin cowboy waiting in the mix.

Ryan Tyler canít believe heís asking an associate to go home with him.  Angela is a beautiful woman who has sparked something deep inside him.  He wants to explore it more and doesnít expect the early arrival of his best friend at his house, but Ryan canít stop the way things are headed.  Yet, he finds himself reluctant to share Angie for long.  He wants her to himself.  Maybe forever.

Bound for the Holidays by Mackenzie McKade is a hot read!  Angela and Ryanís quick attraction heats things up from the first page.  Just the way I like it!  Then when Ryanís best friend steps into the scene, things begin to skyrocket.  Angela and Ryanís emotions always stay linked.  Even when Ryanís friend comes into the picture you can feel Ryanís tension at wanting Angie for himself.  Bound for the Holidays is a quick, sexy, sensual read that is just perfect for this holiday season and a recommended read!



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