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Beauty and the Beast by Deatri King-Bey
Parker Publishing
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60043-006-0
Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Six months ago, Nefertiti Townes was viciously assaulted in her home.  If it wasn’t for her neighbor, Nefertiti knew she would have lost her life that night.  Prior to the attack, Nefertiti was a vibrant, well-known artist with a loving fiancé named Dennis.  But, now Nefertiti has limited hand movement and an ex-fiancé who ran out on her as she was recovering in the hospital because he couldn’t phantom looking at her horrific facial scars.  As a result from the brutal assailant, Nefertiti suffered thirty-six knife wounds from her head to waist and she almost lost her eye sight.  Emotionally and physically hurt, Nefertiti turned to the only safe haven that she had known her entire life – Bruce Maxwell.

Bruce Maxwell, a successful and prominent business man, has a dark side which he refers to as the beast.  With the aid of his beloved aunt and a special doctor, Bruce is able to maintain control over his beast.  However, when Bruce learns that Nefertiti’s brutal attacked might not have been a random event, his internal beast forcefully emerges with a vengeance.

Beauty and the Beast is an incredibly moving book.  I loved Beauty and the Beast!  Just like in the famous animated tale, the hero will do everything within his power to protect the woman he loves.  I was deeply drawn to both Nefertiti and Bruce from the very beginning.  After suffering a great tragedy, Nefertiti knew she could trust Bruce to keep her safe as she tried to cope with her emotional trauma.  While Bruce was trying to break Nefertiti out of the cocoon that she had built around herself, he found it very difficult to ignore the life-long attraction that he has always felt towards her.  Their connection as a couple, both in and out of bed, was simply amazing.  The passion that flared between them was zealous and presented in a tastefully sensational manner.  I found Beauty and the Beast to be a well thought out story that captured my heart.  Thank you, Deatri King-Bey for creating such a wonderful recommended read!



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