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Asking for Trouble

Asking for Trouble by Leslie Kay
Harlequin Blaze # 280
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 0-373-79284-0
Reviewed by Nannette

Simon Lebeaux inherited Seaton House from his uncle.  He is recuperating from an injury while staying in the seemingly haunted house.  Simon is haunted by his memories of one fateful night with a beautiful stranger.  Simon has stayed away from women for the past four months and intends to keep it that way until one rainy night when another beautiful stranger shows up at his door.

Lottie Santori is in Trouble, Pennsylvania, researching Josef Zangara for her psychology professor.  Zangara made Seaton House an exclusive hotel in the nineteen thirties and was later convicted of being a serial killer.  Lottie is overprotected by her five older brothers, so she is relishing the idea of solving a mystery or two while relaxing and hopefully finding a hot guy to fool around with while she's at it.   Arriving at Seaton House during a thunderstorm, Lottie meets Simon and falls instantly in lust but Simon clearly wants nothing to do with her.  Lottie's not giving up though; she plans to discover the mystery surrounding the house and Simon, all while trying to seduce him into bed, but strange things are happening.  Is someone out to get Simon?  Or is he going crazy?

Leslie Kelly has written another hit with Asking For Trouble!  This funny, sexy, and sometimes spooky story is a blast to read!  Simon had me from the beginning.  His haunted memories and guilt-ridden soul made me want to hold him and never let go.  Lottie is a sweetheart; she's beautiful, witty and fearless too.  The chemistry between Simon and Lottie simply sizzles.  Asking For Trouble is just as entertaining to read as Here Comes Trouble, the first book in this series, and with Trouble Or Nothing still to come, readers get plenty more from the town of Trouble, Pennsylvania, where something scary and passionate is bound to happen!



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