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A Kind of Magic by Donna Grant
The Shields, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-979-x
Reviewed by Klarissa

Thinking herself dull, Elle doesnít believe any man will pay her any attention and the dreams she has of her own hero are just dreams.  But on her birthday in Galveston with her best friend Jennifer, her friend gives Elle a beautiful necklace with a large blue stone in the center.  The jewel captivates her.  Then life doesnít become so dull anymore as strange unnatural things begin to happen.

Once Elle and Jennifer go back home to Houston, Elle meets the most wonderful and sexy man.  Too bad he also comes with flying harpies, time travel and danger.  Can Roderick really be all sheís ever dreamed of?  Can these two possibly have a life together and not only save her world, but also grow closer to save other realms as well?

With a tortured soul like Roderick, you canít help but want see something good happen to him.  When Roderick and Elle meet you know that these two are perfect together, but will have rocky times.  Every single scene in A Kind of Magic is enchanting as Elle and Roderick figure out what they mean to each other and realize they can be together.  I absolutely love the Shields and A Kind of Magic just makes my love grow stronger.  Roderick and the other Shields are unique and refreshing.  I may have to stalk Ms. Grant for the next book.  I canít wait for this adventure to continue.  A Kind of Magic is a fantastic read in my book and you should run to New Concepts Publishing to grab your copy!



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