Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale

Blind Eye Books

Gay Urban Fantasy

ISBN 978-0978986117

Reviewed by Cassie




Belimai Sykes is many thingsóa Prodigal, or living descendant of demons, a drug addict, and a sometime-private investigator.  When Inquisition Captain William Harper comes to Belimaiís lodgings, seeking Belimaiís help in finding his sister, Belimai agrees to take the job.  The case proves to be considerably more complex than either Belimai or Captain Harper anticipated, however, and so do their feelings.

Captain William Harper is willing to do anything to find his sister.  Hiring a Prodigal to help him search seems to be the best way to do that.  Will his many secrets, and the secrets of others, destroy the life Harper is beginning to realize he truly wants before it even begins?

What can I say?  Wicked Gentleman is an awesome book.  Everything about Wicked Gentleman is unusual, from the characters and setting to the structure of the narrative.  Somehow Ginn Hale manages to take all the strange elements and combine them into something that not only works, but works incredibly well.  Iím a sucker for flawed characters, and Belimai and Harper are the very definition of flawed.  Despite Belimaiís self-destructive behavior, his intelligence, loyalty, determination, and insecurity made him easy to sympathize with.  The first part of the book, told in first person from Belimaiís point-of-view, really drew me into his life and world.  The second part of the book, in third person from Harperís perspective, allowed me to understand Harper better.  Harperís conflicting beliefs concerning his work as an Inquisitor and the things he discovers about his desires and the Inquisition were understandable, especially given his past.  Secondary characters are interesting as well, and they help flesh out the pasts of Belimai and Harper.  The plot features suspense, romance, and some very cool fantasy elements.  The world-building in Wicked Gentleman is excellent.  I can only hope Ginn Hale is working on another book set in this world.  If youíre looking for an unusual read with compelling characters, a plot that keeps you reading, and an understated yet satisfying romance, I Joyfully Recommend Wicked Gentleman


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