Sons of Lyra: Stranded - Science Fiction Romance


Sons of Lyra: Slave Princess, Runaway Hearts, Fight For Love, Stranded by Felicity Heaton

Futuristic Romance

Alinar Publishing

Reviewer: Melissa



Slave Princess

Captain Lyra II, called Balt by his family and friends, considers himself lucky to be the second son. His family rules Lyra and he is a prince, but the status of second son allows him to roam space as part of his planet’s military. Little does he expect, when he makes a stop for supplies, to find himself the owner of a Terran slave -- the last thing he ever wanted! Kayla has been a slave since Earth became caught in the war between Lyra and the Minervan. Although Balt has every intention of dropping Kayla off on another planet as soon as he can, he finds himself drawn to her. Kayla is also drawn to Balt, a situation that doesn’t make her happy since she’s vowed to kill any member of the Lyran Royal Family she comes across. As the passion builds between them, can they overcome the past to find a future together?


Runaway Hearts

Prince Lyra I, Sebastian to his family and friends, hates being the heir. He wants the freedom his brothers enjoy. Instead, what he has is even more decisions being made for him when his parents inform him that they have decided on his bride and set the wedding date. He quickly decides that before he is forced into this, he’s going to run away and spend sometime being a normal person, experiencing what his brothers have every day. His plans change when he catches a pickpocket trying to steal from him. Terea is escaping also and when she saw this obviously well-to-do man, she thought he’d be the perfect mark to help fund her escape. But once Sebastian catches her, he forces her to agree to accompany him. As they journey together, they find themselves falling in love, but Sebastian is fated to marry the woman his family has chosen and it’s not long before the people Terea are running from catch up with her. Is there any hope for their love?


Fight For Love

Lieutenant Lyra IV, also known as Remi, has been lusting after Nurse Emmanuelle since the moment he first saw her. He deliberately spends as much time in the infirmary as possible in order to be with her. Emmanuelle has always wanted Remi. However, knowing that he’s a prince convinces her that she has no chance. When a battle brings death close to Remi, he decides to stop playing around and grab his chance with Emmanuelle.



Captain Lyra III, known as Acer, has wanted Engineer Stella almost from the moment he met her. But he’s never taken a chance and grabbed what he desired. Now with an arranged marriage scheduled, the chance seems to have been taken away from him. Stella has always been aware of Acer, but it always seemed to her that unless she’d made an error of some sort, Acer never noticed her existence. When the shuttle Stell and Acer are traveling in is attacked and left stranded, they find that the time they are forced to spend alone brings the passion they feel for each other to the forefront. But with Acer due to return home to marry the noble bride chosen for him, what chance does a common engineer have? And can Acer step back from his duty in the name of love?


When I finished this series I KNEW that there was no way I could recommend one over the other. I read these in one sitting, going from book to book. Each story is like chocolates in a box, different but still sooo yummy. Sons of Lyra is a series that should be read together for no other reason than you can’t stop with just one story. I can’t recommend this series enough! Felicity Heaton definitely has a winner with this series!



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