Private Places by Allyson James, Claudia Dain, Shiloh Walker and Robin Schone

Berkley Trade

Erotic Historical

ISBN:  9780425221723

Reviewed by Jambrea


‘The Decidedly Devilish Duke’

By Allyson James

Amelia Lockwood and Michael Beaulieu, the Duke of Bretherton, have a past together and when the Duke sees Amelia at a party, all bets are off.  He will do what it takes to win her back.

The Decidedly Devilish Duke is just that, devilish.  Michael made a mistake with Amelia and it was wonderful to read how he makes it up to her.  Amelia is strong and shows Michael she is the woman for him.  Allyson James made wicked fun.


‘A Night at the Theater’

By Claudia Dain

Zoe Auvray and Sophia Grey have a plan and it involves the Earl of Dalby and The Duke of Aldreth.  Could a night at the theater last a lifetime?

A Night at the Theater is stage show waiting to happen.  Zoe is innocent in her own way and her actions with the Duke of Aldreth become more than just a night of debauchery.  Sophia is more sophisticated in the ways of life and helps Zoe in her chosen path.  I enjoyed two stories in one and Claudia Dain did a great job making them come alive.


‘Hunter’s Mercy’

By Shiloh Walker

Jack Callahan has a secret that he needs to keep while protecting his friend’s sister.  Mercy Greene has a few secrets of her own and is traumatized by her husband’s death.  Can the past be laid to rest to make a future?

Hunter’s Mercy is a fabulous journey between old friends that become much more.  Shiloh Walker brought Jack and Mercy together during a hard time in both their lives.  Mercy’s secret keeps her from moving on and Jack is there to help her.  I loved Jack and how protective he was of Mercy.  I also loved how Mercy was so strong, yet fragile.  Ms. Walker did a great job in this wonderful shifter story.  I think this is the first shifter historical I’ve read and I really enjoyed it!


‘The Men and Women’s Club’

By Robin Schone

Ardelle Dennison and Joseph Manning have secrets, who will tell theirs first?  Ardelle and Joseph come together on the eve of a trial that could ruin both their lives.  Will they be able to overcome the obstacles they face?

The Men and Women’s Club is sexy adventure in a time where open talk of sex was taboo.  Robin Schone is AWESOME.  This is the first time I’ve read Ms. Schone and I’ll be sure to pick up more of her stories.  Ardelle and Joseph weave words as I tried to keep up with what was happening.  I loved the pace of The Men and Women’s Club as it kept me on my toes.


“Private Places” is an erotic ride through history.  It has a little something for everyone.  I was really surprised with Shiloh Walker’s shifter story.  I have never read a paranormal historical story and I was glad Ms. Walker was my first.  Allyson James. Claudia Dain and Robin Schone do not disappoint either.  These women can write history for me any day.  It has been a long time since I’ve read a good historical and this anthology wasn’t good, it was great!


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