Undeniable Magnetism by Bonnie Dee
Loose Id
M/M Interracial
ISBN: 978-1-59632-650-7
Reviewed by Ley




Jay Moran felt something good was about to occur in his life and knew Simon Chase was it the moment he walked into the rundown bar Jay owns .  Jay also knew his big premonition had to be more than a quickie in his tiny office in less then 20 minutes of knowing each other, Jay felt that Simon was about to become important to him.

Jay was like no one Simon has ever encountered before, Jay had him wanting more and that scared Simon.  There were vast differences between Jay and Simon such as race and their place in society.  African American and from a well to do family that have prominent ties in society, Simon had no issue with Jayís Irish-American blue collar up bringing.  What unsettled Simon and awed him was Jayís openness with his sexuality and his insistence that others accept it.  Simon wants Jay like he has never wanted anyone else, he knew being in the closet could destroy their fragile relationship, but Simon wasnít ready to come out.

Undeniable Magnetism doesnít just meet my expectations, it surpasses them!

Bonnie Dee wrote a wonderful interracial romance novel that doesnít sugarcoat the big issues or over dramatize them.  The characters are very real, Simon and Jay are people I know and their families are ones I have encountered.  Jay is awesome.  Heís open, honest and caring but heís not as confident as he would like people to believe.  Heís afraid of losing his family and Simon so he fights for them by not allowing them to push him away.  Simonís vulnerability is much more transparent and his coping mechanism is to hide his true self.  As he allows Jay deeper into his life, we see Simon slowly become more comfortable in his own skin.  Undeniable Magnetism is truly a fantastic story and I enjoyed every word of it, even the derogatory insulting words that made me want to smack someone.  Ms. Dee used those words sparingly and very appropriately within the story.  I think many readers will love this story as much as I do, I see this as being constantly re-read. I Joyfully Recommend Undeniable Magnetism.


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