The Passion-Minded Professor by Natasha Moore
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-181-0
Reviewed by:  Vivian




Roxy Morgan is really trying to get her life together.  She dumped her ex-husband, whom she put through college, and now she has enrolled in school to finish her degree in communications.  She really doesnít need the sexy chemistry professor messing up her plans.

Dr. Daniel Jennings has been working on a love potion.  He finally finds what he was looking for in Roxy, but accidentally tries out the potion on himself.  He thinks that his attraction to Roxy is because of the potion. But he feels he must tell her the truth, even if it might ruin his chance to find passion.

The Passion-Minded Professor is a wonderful love story that will draw you in right from the first page.  Roxy and Danielís chemistry (no pun intended) is so believable, you think you know these people in real life.  I felt I was a part of the story all the way through it.  I truly enjoyed The Passion-Minded Professor and I am Joyfully Recommending it.


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