The Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu

The Hunter Kiss, Book 1

Ace Books

Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0441016068

Reviewed by Sabella





Maxine Kiss has problems that most people wouldn’t understand – what with her tattoos becoming demons at nightfall and her family legacy of demon hunting to protect humanity.  But Maxine has broken a couple of rules that all the women in her line have lived, and been kept alive, by – don’t settle in one place too long, no personal relationships, none, and constant practice to keep their deadly skills razor sharp.  During the day, her “boys,” the living tattoos, sleep within her skin, making her invulnerable to everything from cold to intense pain; but at night the “boys” peel themselves off Maxine’s body and become the only constant in her life since her mother’s death and her companions in the hunt.

However, these days Maxine lives in the homeless shelter her former priest boyfriend, Grant, runs while he attempts to reform zombies – humans possessed by demons; she is sadly out of practice in her hunting skills, relying almost exclusively on her “boys” for protection; and she is completely clueless as to her destiny as a hunter and the power she is destined to wield in order to save or doom humanity.

But the days of Maxine willfully ignoring her destiny have come to an end as she is slowly surrounded by other supernatural beings that she never even suspected existed and which will help or hinder her, as their interests demand, forcing Maxine to face her terrible destiny…

The Iron Hunt is an absolutely mesmerizing urban fantasy book that will suck you into its universe and leave you wanting for more.  Marjorie M. Liu does an outstanding job of creating a world parallel to the “known” world and infusing this universe she creates with enough mystery, action and danger to keep you glued to the pages well into the night to find out if, and how, Maxine will survive.  Maxine is a compelling character as she is a mass of contradictions.  Maxine, with her need for human contact – hence Grant, and her deadly potential against demons and other beings will keep you spellbound and on the edge of your seat from start to finish.  Almost as interesting as Maxine is the collection of secondary characters that slowly, but inexorably, surround her and become involved in her fight against evil in the most unexpected ways and from the most unexpected sources.  I was absolutely floored by The Iron Hunt from start to finish, especially during the most confusing times when I floundered along with Maxine to understand what was going on, and more importantly, why.  This book has made me a fan of Marjorie M. Liu and I will be most eagerly waiting for the next installment of what is sure to become a legendary saga!  However, it must be noted that the romance in this novel is really a secondary, supporting, storyline along with all the other people she unwillingly, and inadvertently, collects to aid her in her quest.  Pick up The Iron Hunt when you are looking for a spellbinding urban fantasy read that will intrigue you and have you panting to catch your breath with its action packed, fast paced plot!


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