The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter

Lords of the Underworld, Book 3



ISBN: 978- 0373773107

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Reyes is a Lord of the Underworld.  Over a thousand years ago, Reyes and his fellow warriors were charged with guarding a box along with a female warrior, Pandora.  Jealous of Pandora’s favor with the gods, Reyes and his friends killed Pandora and opened her box unleashing demons throughout the world.  As punishment, the demons were then placed inside the warriors bodies subjecting them to years of various agonies and torments.

Reyes’ demon is Pain.  Any type, not matter how serious, Reyes craves hurting himself every single day.  Only when Danika Ford is near does his inner demon quiet down.  There is just one problem – while Danika soothes Reyes’ demon, her life is in danger because a fellow demon, Aeron, has been given an order to kill her and all the females in her family.  Reyes refuses to accept this and sets out to save the woman that he yearns for more than pain.

Danika has no idea why she and her family have been targeted for death.  On the run, scared out of her mind, she is dismayed to find herself thinking about Reyes, the man she can’t get out of her head.  When he shows up and gets her out of harm’s way, Danika still has a problem with trusting him and until she is able to do that, there is no way they can have a relationship no matter how much each desires the other. 

I am without a doubt emphatically hooked on this amazing series of which The Darkest Pleasure is the third installment.  Reyes’ demon is Pain and my heart broke for him every time he had to give in to his demon and hurt himself.  I ached watching his love for Danika evolve but in a good way.  The emotions were raw but intense, sultry but sweet, and harsh but soft – truly winning combinations!

I adored every single word of The Darkest Pleasure.  It made me yearn for more and I can’t wait for the next installment in this groundbreaking and addicting series.  The Darkest Pleasure is highly and Joyfully Recommended! 


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