Silver Flame by Hannah Howell
Zebra Books
ISBN: 1-4201-0107-2
Reviewed by Ley





Sine Catrione Brodie is a determined young woman.  At the age of twelve, she ran for her life, taking her two young brothers with her, and began her search for a knight to help her reclaim her life.  Six years later, Sine Catrione is still searching for a strong knight to help her fight the one who wants her dead and reclaim the birthright that belongs to her and her brothers.  Sine didnít need anyone to deter her from her quest, especially not the young knight Gamel Logan who stirs a passion in her she has never felt before.

The violet eye beauty mesmerized Gamel.  He didnít care that she belonged to another; he knew he had to have her and once he possessed her he was never letting her go. 

Silver Flame is a fantastic novel.  Sine Catrione is a heroine for the ages, a strong young girl who grew into a strong young woman who was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.  She lived her life to make sure her brothers lived, and she would sacrifice anything for them and those she loved.  Gamel was awestruck by her beauty and her flowing silver hair that cascaded down to her knees but when he was giving a taste of her passion he was in love.

I enjoyed every aspect of this story.  The romance between Gamel and Sine was pure and beautiful even though he tricked her into his bed, the passion they shared for one another was in earnest.  I also loved Farthing, he took Sine and her young brothers in and cared for them as his family.  I especially loved how he goaded Gamel and played on Gamelís jealousy of the relationship that Sine Catrione and Farthing shared.  I donít know if Hannah Howell has written a book about Farthing but Iím sure it would one hell of a story if she did.  This is my first book by this Ms. Howell and it will not be my last, Iím already searching her website for others.  Silver Flame is a terrific historical romance, I enjoyed it immensely and I most definitely Joyfully Recommend Silver Flame.


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