Seduced by the Storm by Sydney Croft

ACRO, Book 3

Bantam Dell


ISBN: (10) 0385340826, (13) 978-0385340823

Reviewed by Amelia





ACRO agent Wyatt Kennedy has sexual mojo that attracts everyone when he lets it loose. His current mission is to destroy the weather machine the evil Itor Corporation is using to send a hurricane toward New York City. On the night before he’s to leave for the offshore rig where the machine is stored, he meets Faith Black in a bar. He thinks Faith is just a beautiful woman running from her ex, and he’s glad to help her out.

Faith runs England’s The Aquarius Group, and she has a different idea for the weather machine. A group is holding her sister hostage, threatening to kill Liberty unless Faith brings them the motherboard. While waiting to travel to the rig she’s running away from a bad guy when she meets Wyatt, and things heat up between them.

When the two meet on the rig the next day, Faith thinks Wyatt’s a roughneck, and Wyatt thinks Faith is an accountant. It soon becomes apparent, though, that they are both agents with special psych powers, and both of them want the weather machine, but with different outcomes.

Before they can decide whose plan to follow, they have to get past Faith’s ex-lover, who now works for Itor. They also have to battle the weather, and battle each other to see what happens to the motherboard.

Packed full of excitement, sex, danger and wonderfully erotic scenes, Seduced by the Storm is a perfect installment in the ACRO series. Wyatt and Faith are volatile together, and watching them discover each other, while still learning about themselves, had me turning pages as quickly as I could.

Along with our two heroes, readers get a poignant look at characters from past books, including Dev and Oz, Creed and Annika, and Haley and Remy. These parts of the books pulled at my heartstrings, and added a great deal to my enjoyment of this book. The introduction of Trance had me panting, and praying he’ll get his own book.

The only bad part of this book was the ending, which made me realize I didn’t have the next book to read, and would have to wait to see what happens. If you haven’t tried this series, and you like adventure and suspense, then you are missing out. Run and grab all three, then start from the beginning and dive into the ACRO world. You’ll soon be like me, checking to see when the next book is available for pre-order.

Seduced by the Storm is a highly erotic and wonderfully enjoyable novel, and I Joyfully Recommend it.


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