Secrets and Lies by Amanda Young
Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-706-1

Reviewed by Raine




Teague, one of the last Daywalkers in existence, runs a hopping nightclub that caters to all races alike; Daywalkers, Nightfeeders and humans. Kyle, one of the club’s regulars, is Teague’s Saturday night fling partner. While Teague knows it is dangerous to be involved with a human, he finds himself unable to deny the magnetism between them. However, Kyle yearns for more with Teague, wanting emotion and not just action. Teague backs away from sharing his emotions with Kyle fearing what could happen if he finds out whom Teague really is.

Then a past event at Teague’s club comes back to haunt him and endangers Kyle’s life. Realizing just how much Kyle means to him, Teague take actions to save Kyle. But, Teague worries that once his secrets and lies are out in the open, will Kyle forgive and accept him.

Amanda Young is one of the best M/M storywriters I’ve had the pleasure to review for. Her men in Secrets and Lies are absolutely decadent together. Teague with his sculpted bodybuilder stature and confident ways and Kyle with his lean athlete’s build and quiet demeanor compliment one another perfectly. Secrets and Lies is a wonderful combination of action and suspense mixed with bittersweet moments, love and above all else a very happy ending. I Joyfully Recommend Secrets and Lies to those who love an exceptional M/M story.


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