Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra

Children of the Sea, Book 1


Paranormal Romance/Shape shifter

ISBN: 978-0425221990

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Margred is a selkie.  Able to shift shape and live either as a human or a seal, Margred is a widow and has gone without the sexual touch of a mate for many years.  Finally, however, her need for touch and the warmth of another has driven her to shore and an island called World’s End.  Carefully hiding her pelt, a selkie’s greatest possession and treasure, Margred begins her hunt for the perfect man.  She finds him in the form of island Police Chief Caleb Hunter, a veteran of the Iraqi war and a local islander.

Caleb Hunter is a one-man force.  As far as law enforcement goes, he is it.  Fielding yet another call from an irate islander complaining of a bonfire on the beach, Caleb is astonished to see the beautiful dark eyed woman staring at him across the flames.  Attraction flares in her eyes and Caleb finds himself instantly lured to her side where sparks fly.

Margred and Caleb spend hours satisfying each other but as soon as Caleb’s guard is down, Margred disappears, taking Caleb’s heart with her.  Unable to forget her, Caleb spends the next few days searching the beach looking for the sensuous siren that fills his thoughts and haunts his dreams.  The lovers are reunited once again when Caleb rescues her after an assault.  Margred states she can’t remember her attacker and Caleb knows she is withholding information.  He has to earn her trust – he yearns for it.  But, he is ill prepared for her story.

I read Virginia Kantra’s novella, ‘Sea Crossing’ in the Shifter anthology a few short weeks ago and since that time, I have been dying for the release of Sea Witch.  Sea Witch has combined paranormal elements with legend and lore to equal a sensuous, sultry, and suspenseful tale.  The epitome of an avenging hero, Caleb’s desire to protect Margred was noteworthy and I loved watching them fall in love with each other.

Sea Witch is exactly what I wanted it to be and I have no choice but to Joyfully Recommend this endearing and provocative novel. 


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