Roping the Wind by Kate Pearce
Virgin Cheek
ISBN: 978-0352341587
Reviewed by Shayna




Jay Turnerís life was all about the rodeo, until one final accident permanently damages his knee and takes him out of professional competition.  Six months later, the former cowboy has no job, no prospects, and no plans for his future.  The last thing he wants to do is have another check up with his ice queen of a doctor.  Dr. Helen Kinsale is just about as thrilled to see her most irritating patient once again.  Neither likes the other.  Neither thinks they have anything in common.  Until a heated encounter leaves both parties breathless and wanting more.  A delicious deal is struck: Helen will give up sexual control to Jay and he, in turn, will show her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

Yet things are never as simple as they seem.  Helenís brilliant career is at risk and her past threatens to ruin her professional advancement.  Jay is still at loose ends and is struggling to adapt to life outside the rodeo circuit.  Their affair may provide the perfect erotic escape for the moment, but with no promises to bind them, is fleeting pleasure all there is?  Or as Jay and Helen learn more about each other and their emotions begin to deepen, will love be within their grasp?

Prepare to blast those fans and turn up the A/C, because Roping the Wind is scorching!  Kate Pearce delivers an erotic tale that is not only sexy, but endearing.  Jay and Helen are two wonderfully developed characters whom I fell in love with from the start.  On the outside, the two seem to be complete opposites.  I was delighted to watch them not only fall in love, but discover that, underneath the fronts they put on for the world, they are quite similar.  I was fascinated to watch the life of a San Francisco cowboy blend with the life of a surgeon burdened by the politics of career advancement.  I practically devoured this tale, so engrossed in Ms. Pearceís book that I, unfortunately, snarled at someone who had the misfortune to interrupt my reading.

Roping the Wind is unquestionably blazing-hot and filled with erotic moments.  That being said, I was impressed the love scenes never felt gratuitous or repetitive.  Each one was incredibly sexy and subtly provided me with insight into the growth of Jay and Helenís relationship.  I admit, I was wary when Helen agreed to give up complete sexual control to Jay.  Ms. Pearce quickly assuaged my fears.  Jay never abuses the trust Helen puts in him and their relationship is always equal.

Roping the Wind is loosely connected to Ms. Pearceís Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?  I enjoyed the latter and was both delighted and intrigued to read about Jayís half-brother Grayson before he gave up his corporate suits for his Stetson.  Both books, however, can be read as stand-alones.

I Joyfully Recommend Roping the Wind.  Itís incredibly sexy, entertaining, and at the same time surprisingly sweet.  I have never particularly had a thing for cowboy heroes, but Ms. Pearce left me wanting a Jay of my own.  I sincerely hope she writes about more Turner siblings; Iíll be racing to read to read those books if she does.  For now, Iíll just turn up that A/C, pick up Roping the Wind, and fall in love with Jay and Helen all over again.


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