Marnie's Secret by Eileen Ann Brennan
Liquid Silver Books
Contemporary Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-59578-432-2
Reviewed by Ley




Marnie lived by the rules, and she never crossed the line in work or in play.

She’s a daughter any parent would be proud of, she has a high powered job any man or woman would envy and she was a faithful wife married to the only man she’s ever been intimate with.  In fact Marnie continued to be faithful to Big Bob long after he passed away.  Now Marnie was ready to move on, and she was more than ready for some exciting adventure in her life.  With the help of her friend Lara, Marnie decides to make her birthday one she will never forget.  Lara takes Marnie to an out of the way sex club where she can explore her secret fantasies, the last person she expected see there was Hank Butler, the head of security for her office.

Hank wasn’t sure what shocked him most, seeing the ‘iron maiden’ VP of his company in a sex club, or being approached to be her sex partner for the evening. Regardless this was not the evening he was expecting, it turned out to be so much better. 

What was supposed to be a clandestine one-time thing developed into so much more between Marnie and Hank as the passion and sexual chemistry between them was too much to resist.  And the excitement and adventure Marnie was looking for found it’s way into her professional life in a not very positive way when her company becomes the target of a hijacker and she finds herself the victim of a stalker.

Marnie’s Secret is absolutely fantastic!  Marnie is a true heroine.  She’s a smart and savvy businesswoman with integrity and class and she knows how to work the boardroom.  With Hanks help she’s also able to release her soft feminine side and take control while giving up control in the bedroom.  The sexual fires between these two are blazing!  Marnie’s Secret is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time and the author, Eileen Ann Brennan just totally won me over.  I especially loved the surprises Ms. Brennan sprung on us in regards to the suspense part of the book.  I had my suspicions about who was responsible for the stalking and the hijacking, but the reasons behind some of the characters actions, totally shocked me.  I really enjoyed this story from beginning to end and I will be looking for other books by Ms. Brennan.  Marnie’s Secret is most definitely a Joyfully Recommended read.


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