Lux in Shadow by R.G. Alexander

Children of the Goddess, Book 2

Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-60504-136-X
Reviewed by Jambrea





Lux Sariel is lost when his lover is killed, but pushes his guilt back when his brother sends him to find the sister of the man responsible for his lover’s death.  Arygon is an Alpha wolf who is along for the search.  There is tension between the two males as Arygon tries to tempt Lux away from his guilt.

The two men find Sylvain and she is more than they bargained for.  Lux feels a pull toward both Arygon and Sylvain, but pushes his feeling away for fear of caring again.

Sylvain is an anomaly in the wolf world and forced to hide for most of her life.  She knows she is part of a great prophecy just waiting to come to pass.  She spies Lux and Arygon and knows the prophecy is upon her.

Will the three come together to save the Vampire and Wolf worlds? Or will Lux’s guilt keep them apart?

Lux in Shadow, book two in the Children of the Goddess series, is even better than book one, Regina in the Sun.  Once again R.G. Alexander pulls out all the stops with my emotions. 

Lux is so filled with guilt that it takes both Arygon and Sylvain to help him realize that it isn’t his fault his lover died.  Sylvain is strong yet innocent and unaware of her strength.  Arygon is unsure of himself and his role in the relationship, but between Lux and Sylvain, he is right where he belongs.  The three are made for each other and as the story progresses, they all begin to see what they mean to each other.

Lux in Shadow is a little darker than Regina in the Sun, but I think it needs to be with Lux’s journey through his guilt.  Ms. Alexander knows how to put so much emotion in her stories, not to mention the tension and chemistry between the characters

I was hoping that Lux in Shadow would live up to Regina in the Sun. Ms. Alexander did not disappoint me and even surpassed book one, and that is why I am Joyfully Recommending Lux in Shadow.


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