Loves Healing Touch by Jane Myers Perrine

Steeple Hill

Contemporary Inspirational

ISBN-13: 0-373-87450-7

Reviewed by Tori




Mike Fuller is forced to drop out of medical school because his mother and brother are moving in with him.  He takes a job as an orderly in the hospital to support his family until they can get on their feet.  Unfortunately, family secrets and immaturity keep them from reaching their goals. 

Dr. Ana Ramirez is drawn to Mike’s skills and bedside manor.  She knows he should be a doctor but knows that he is keeping his home life private.  Ana wants to break through Mike’s walls but she is unprepared to face his faith or his troubled past. 

Love’s Healing Touch is a touching story of new faith and learning to turn your troubles over to a loving God.  The story line flowed nicely and it was never a chore to read.  Jayne Myers Perrine wrote likeable, though flawed characters that touched my heart and made me want to read more. I Joyfully Recommend it.


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