Legion by Angelique Anjou

New Concepts Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60394

Futuristic/ Sci-Fi/ Ménage a Trois

Reviewed by Patrice F.





Dr. Anya Rambo was on assignment on Staging Platform 13 when a large mysterious object started on a collision course towards the station.  The crew was celebrating the success of their mission and was less than prepared to deal with this impeding disaster.   Before she could scream “danger, danger”, Anya is dealing face-to-face with an alien life form called Legion.  On top of everything else, Legion is gorgeous with amazing powers, which gives her reason enough to resist him.  A series of chaotic events forces her to react quicker than she would like and before she can recover from one disaster, she’s flying headfirst into more and more insanity with her emotions in overdrive.

As a being of god-like perfection and power, Legion finds it difficult to understand human beings despite the similarities.  He has lost his entire world and people. Anya is the answer to his loneliness, the perfect woman to call his mate.  But just as the woman he desires is beginning to understand him better and open her heart to him, Zavier makes an appearance, only to complicate matters more.  Who is Zavier?  Zavier is someone who could be categorized, at least to Legion, as the worst person to arrive on the scene and the biggest threat to his newfound happiness.

I thought I knew what was going on in the first chapter of Legion.  Wrong.  This novel had enough plots twists to keep a seasoned reader like myself on the edge until the very end.  The character development for Anya, Legion and Zavier is superb.  Anya is intelligent and capable, facing off toe-to-toe with Legion and Zavier.  Legion and Zavier are alpha males and certainly the least of their worries is yielding their all to Anya.  This supreme alien duo seems invulnerable until you are offered a glimpse of what makes them tick through Anya’s very perceptive human eyes.  Dr. Rambo dissects them with everything she has as a medical professional, and still manages to do them justice, although at times Legion and Zavier are just plain ruthless. 

I found myself holding my breath at each revelation, which is why I refuse to give away more.  The sex is hot enough to detonate your brain.  This is my first time reading Angelique Anjou’s work, and the plan is to continue reading more of her books after Legion.  I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a different spin on out-of-this world romance.

Legion was previously released in the anthology Pleasure Master - Phoenix Rising II.


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