I Never by Lena Matthews

Naughty Games, Book 2

Ellora's Cave

Menage a trois or More/Gay/Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419917134

Reviewed by Zayn





Tripp Kowlaski blamed the game I Never for making him hurt the two people he loved most in the world, Skylar Daveigh and Gideon Foley.  That was a year ago.  They are all together again at a birthday party where the guests receive the gifts.  The twist, Tripp, Skylar, and Gideon have to share their present.  Can Skylar and Gideon get past their hurt and forgive Tripp?

Lena Matthews made these three friends stand out from book one in the Naughty Games series, so I've been dying to read I Never.  Boy, was it worth the wait!   The emotions of Tripp, Skylar, and Gideon come through so clearly, I was hurting right along with them.  I was captivated from beginning to end.  I'm anticipating book three eagerly.   


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