Hungers of the Heart by Jenna Black

Guardians of the Night, Book 4

Tor Paranormal Romance


ISBN-10: 0765357186, ISBN-13: 978-0765357182

Reviewed by Indy




Drake, a Guardian who still uses actual humans for nourishment, has been asked to leave the city of brotherly love where he has helped to keep the streets safe from both vampire and human predators. The accusation is heís finally stepped over the line and killed an innocent, not the human criminals he normally uses to assuage his thirst. Joining Gabriel in Baltimore is his only option now. Arriving to the news that Gabriel has gone missing and his small band of fledgling vamps are in need of leadership until heís found. Add in the mix of a European contingent on its way to kill Gabriel and take back the daughter of Europeís most feared vampress and Drakeís new home isnít so welcoming. All that he is and has been will be needed if he is to maintain whatís left of his humanity while trying to keep Faith, the European Seigneurís concubine and her mortal sister alive.

My first suggestion for anyone considering picking up Hungers of the Heart is read the previous installments. This is Book 4 of the Guardians of the Night series and they all connect in a way, which makes for seamless enjoyment. In Jenna Blackís latest book, we get a closer look at Drake, a Killer who is the stepchild of the Guardians because of his continued use of humans for meals. Drake is thrown into a situation that he is barely able to contain and one heís outmanned for. His relationship with Faith, a turned vampire who is trying everything in her limited powers to keep her mortal sister safe isnít an all-consuming passion. The build-up is slower than previous connections in this series and there is so much going on with the fight to keep everyone alive, with the mystery of the missing Gabriel, the mayhem perpetrated by two local vamps and just the chaos within the European contingent the love affair is more an afterthought than the focus.

I still think readers and fans of this series will love it just as much because the excitement, extensive storyline and the action makes up for any lack of heat. For this reason I Joyfully Recommend Hungers of the Heart as a Recommend Read for the month of August.


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