Danielís Surrender by Violet Summers
The Worthington Group, Book 3
Erotic Contemporary/Menage/Gay
ISBN:  978-1-59578-475-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci





Matthew Worthington is the younger brother of Daniel Ellis' best friend, and as such, Daniel knows he has no business becoming sexually involved with Matt. His conscience knows he is right, but it's easier said than done. Being with Matt a few months ago touched a chord within Daniel that he refuses to acknowledge.  Finally, when Daniel seems to be on the same level as Matt, Matt ups the ante and her name is Shannon Whitney.

Matthew Worthington is confident in his sexuality, and he begins to see Daniel Ellis in a new light after their steamy sexual encounter at a party a few months ago.  Daniel is his brotherís best friend, and Danielís ďloveíem and leaveíemĒ attitude is well known.  Daniel is attracted to Matt as well, but his refusal to commit to any type of relationship concerns Matt because Matt knows that Daniel wants him just as much as he wants Daniel.  As if things need to be complicated just a bit more, Shannon Whitney walks into Mattís life, and his feelings for her are just as strong as his feelings for Daniel. 

Shannon and Matt begin a relationship that is loving and steamy.  They desire each other and are not afraid to take what they want, and after seeing Daniel and Matthew together, Shannon knows that she will not be complete without both men in her life.  Now, if only she and Matt can convince Daniel that surrendering to love is not the end of a relationship, but the beginning of something that is beautiful and fulfilling. 

The hardest part of being a reviewer is finding the words in which to convey to readers how much I liked or disliked a particular book. I am in this situation at the moment because I am without sufficient words to describe the feelings, and emotions, and intensity of Danielís Surrender without sounding lame and stupid.

Danielís Surrender has to be one of the best M/M/F books I have ever read. Each character loved without reservation, and they each loved in their own ways.  Mattís emotions were intense and you knew what he was feeling.  You knew he loved, and you saw the proof of it in his actions and reactions.  Shannon was an open book in that she loved taking care of her men, and they meant the world to her, which she showed in every interaction.  Daniel was the toughest.  His emotions were kept close to his heart.  Did he love Matt and Shannon? Yes, he did, but he was scared.  He was hesitant to love as deeply as they loved him, and because of this fear, I found myself teary-eyed more than once, and begging him - out loud, mind you - to take a chance.  When he capitulated, the results were glorious.

Danielís Surrender is the third book of Violet Summerís series called The Worthington Group.  Danielís Surrender was provocative, compelling, and so sexy, that at times I found myself alternating between sweating and blushing.  I hated to see Danielís Surrender come to an end, and when a book affects me in this way, I have to Joyfully Recommend it.  Danielís Surrender was simply marvelous.


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