Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Mare Rice

Avon Red

Erotic Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-06-120860-7

Reviewed by Nannette





Charity Prewitt lives in Parkerís Ridge, Vermont. Sheís a librarian living a quiet life, until business man Nicholas Ames saunters into town. Nick is sexy, charming and sophisticated, and he wants Charity, mild-mannered, soft spoken Charity who cares for her ailing aunt and uncle.  Charity feels sheíll never have this opportunity again so she leaps headfirst into an affair with Nick.

Most of what Nickís told Charity about himself is a lie.  Nick is a member of the Unit, a secret special ops branch of the government. Heís trying to take down Russian mob boss Vassily Worontzoff who is living in Parkerís Ridge and best friends with Charity. Charity is a job to Nick, a way to get close to his target, until she becomes more. Unfortunately, Nick still has a job to do and Worontzoff still wants Charity for his own. Now, all Nick wants is to help stop a madman, save the world, and get the girl. If Worontzoff doesnít get her first, will Charity still want Nick if she finds out what heís done and who he is?

Nearly breathless with anticipation I waited for Dangerous Secrets to arrive. When it did, I couldnít put it down. Dangerous Secrets is everything I hoped it would be and more. Itís loaded with emotion, packed with action and drama, and filled with raw sizzling sex. Nick is strong, determined and rough around the edges. Charity is lovely. Sheís brave and independent and yet soft and sweet. They are so explosive together, a perfect match. Vassily is a really bad, bad guy and yet, I still pitied him. He suffered greatly in his past and that pain brought about the man he became. The angst between Charity and Nick kept me anxious but itís not overwhelming. The action is thrilling and exciting and the storyline is completely engaging.  Fantastic characterization and tons of intensity make Dangerous Secrets another poignant, erotic, and extremely well written novel. Lisa Marie Rice has once again left me in awe of her talent and very anxious for her next novel. 


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