Danger In The Shadows by Dee Henderson

The O’Malley Series Prequel


Inspirational Suspense

ISBN-13: 978-1-4143-1055-8

Reviewed by Tori





Sarah Walsh has been living under FBI protection since she was kidnapped as a child.  The mastermind of the kidnapping has stayed one step ahead of the authorities for over twenty years.  If Sarah could just remember what the man looked like maybe they would find him once and for all.

Adam Blake is a retired football star and is in the public eye quite often.  When Sarah is trapped in an elevator with him one stormy night, she is not prepared for how persistent Adam could be.  He knew right away that Sarah was a woman he could have children with, if he could only convince her to let him in.

Danger In The Shadows was awesome.  Right away Dee Henderson drew you in and had you eating in the palm of her hand just waiting for the next crumb of a clue.  The stalker was clever and well written and very creepy.  Sarah and Blake sparkled together and as did the friendship between Blake and David, Sarah’s over protective in all-the-right-ways brother, was fun.  Ms. Henderson wrote a good mix of romance, suspense, and biblical truth that kept you engrossed right up to the end and left you begging for more.


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