Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

Accidentally Friends

Berkley Sensation


ISBN-10: 0425221598

ISBN-13: 978-0425221594

Reviewed by Emma




Nina Blackman is having a lousy first day at work as a dental assistant. The receptionist hates her and her first patient bites her. The only upside was the patient was cute. Sadly, things only get worse. When she wakes up the next day, she has an absolutely smashing, oops, I mean, razor-sharp set of fangs. As an added bonus, her sight and hearing are also improving. Now if she can just get over her sudden interest in blood. And she still needs to see her Grandma on Thursday for pot roast.

Greg Statleon never meant to bite Nina. He did not expect his reaction to the anesthesia at the dentist office. Now he will do what he can to help Nina with her new life issues. If she will let him. He has never met such an annoying woman in his life. Why canít he stop thinking about her?

How will Nina handle the changes? Can she find a way back to being human?

Dakota Cassidy never stops. Accidentally Dead is another laugh-out-loud, do-not-put-down-till-you-finish-reading-it book. Her characters make you take a look at yourself and everyone around you. Ms. Cassidyís ability to describe events and situations is just uncanny. I have to give Kudos to Ms. Cassidy for maintaining such a wonderful writing style. I Joyfully Recommend Accidentally Dead.


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