A Highlander Never Surrenders by Paula Quinn
Warner Forever
Historical Romance / Scottish Highlands
ISBN:  978-0446619134
Reviewed by Tanya




Dashing Commander Graham Grant is still riding with Robert (the Earl of Argyll, brother-in-law to Callum MacGregor) as was hinted at the end of Laird of the Mist.  But, in all the time they have been together he has never been so entranced by a woman as he is with the one they come upon, who is tied to a tree.  He canít believe her fortitude and strength, or her skill with arms.  When he finds out who she is, he is in further conflict as helping her and making her his own might do the one thing a highlander will not do Ė betray an oath and a brother.  But, Claire makes him feel things that he has never felt with all of the wenches that he has bedded in the past, and he hasnít even bedded her.

Claire canít believe the man who rescues her then wonít leave her alone.  He is bound and determined to help her on her quest.  But, then suddenly after they retrieve her sister he is distant to her and acts as if he canít stand the sight of her.  Whatever is going on she is so confused she seeks the advice of her sister on how to act like a lady.  But, whether she is acting  like a lady or not, she will not see herself or her sister married by arrangement.

Will Claire and Graham finally work out their differences and be together?  Also who was behind the attack on her brother and whose side is General Monck really on?

A Highlander Never Surrenders is both the title of a fantastic new story by Paula Quinn as well as a motto for both the male and female leads of this story.  You see some favorites back in this book from Laird of the Mist as well as many new charming, and not so charming ones.  Ms. Quinn continues to bring parts of history alive for me, and makes me want to learn more about a time that I don't have much knowledge in.  The way her characters come alive sends me off to see which ones could be real and which ones she has added to the story to make it flow.  Realizing that this is a fiction story with some real life names, dates and places made this story come more alive to me.  I was hooked from the first page until the last.  Ok, so on the last page Ms. Quinn made me want more, now Ė not a year from now when the next one is likely to be published.  I Joyfully Recommend A Highlander Never Surrenders for July 2008 and hope that you will be one of the first in line at the story to get it, better yet pre-order it online.


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