Touch Me by Beverly Rae
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-481-4
Reviewer: Little Sunshine




Sloan Janson cannot believe that his best friend went on a fishing trip and came back hitched.  What is even more baffling to Sloan, is the fact that Rob met his new wife through a matchmaker whose gift is conveyed through touch.  As an investigative reporter, he is convinced that this is a scam and is determined to expose this so called psychic.  His skepticism will take him to the small town of Lawson, TX to uncover the most important story of his life.

Cally spends her time finding true love for others, although satisfying she cannot shake the image of a face that keeps appearing during her readings.  That is until she comes face to face with Sloan and is totally unprepared for the longing and physical intensity she cannot deny she feels for him.  Can there be a connection? Can she give in to her desire or will she give up on love simply because matchmakers are not destined to find true love?

Touch Me has all the elements of a great romance novel. The emotions the main characters felt came across as very real and I was instantly immersed as a spectator on the side lines watching the whole story unfold.  This is a story I will probably read several more times as it reminds me of what true romance means to me.  Touch Me is a book I would definitely recommend if you are in the mood for a good heartfelt romance.


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