Scent of Darkness by Christina Dodd
Darkness Chosen Series, Book 1
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-451-22173-5
Reviewed by Annmarie




Ann Smith secretly loves her boss, the virile Jasha Wilder.  After much prodding by her friends, including a makeover, a new car, and laser corrected vision, Ann sets out to seduce Jasha in his remote Washington home.

Ann's plan to seduce Jasha goes completely off track when she stumbles upon a large and muscular wolf.  A wolf that turns into a man before her terrified eyes.  And not just any man.  The wolf turns into the man she loves, her boss, Jasha Wilder.

Although Ann tries to escape, she soon learns there is no escaping destiny.  For Ann has been fated to save Jasha's soul.

Let's just say I am officially a heaping puddle of bliss and it's all thanks to Christina Dodd's newest novel, Scent of Darkness.  After sneaking Scent of Darkness into the house (I've been told I have far too many books), I stayed up all night, unable to stop reading. 

Full of tension, intrigue, vile adversaries and, oh me oh my, delicious romance, Scent of Darkness brought me to my knees.  I adored it.  Loved it.  And am desperate for MORE!


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