Running Away to Home by Chris Owen
Single Shot
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-043-6; 1-60370-043-9
Reviewed by Sabella




Hound has to leave the ranch…he just can’t take living in the same house with Jake, whom he’s in love with, while Jake is living happily, and in love, with Tor.  So Hound takes off and goes on an aimless road trip to forget Jake and find a place for himself.  The last thing Hound expects while working in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere is a man that turns him on like nobody’s business.  Working alongside Del is proving much more interesting than Hound expected and Del might prove to be just what Hound needs.

Running Away to Home is a story that will pull your heart strings and have you sighing at the romance between Hound and Del.  These two will have you laughing and sweating from the first moment they come together.  Chris Owen wrote such an amazingly entertaining story that it left me wanting more, like all good books do.  Both Del and Hound are very funny, charming and totally lovable and their interaction is a lot of fun to watch.  Their chemistry and heat during the sex scenes will melt your screen and leave you panting. It was great to read about Hound who we met first in Bareback.  Go and buy yourself Running Away to Home as soon as possible; you will enjoy this book from start to finish!


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