Patience by C.H. Admirand
The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-60154-065-5
Reviewed by Tanya



Lady Patience still suffers from her disastrous début on the ton.  She had her heart broken and for a woman who leads with her heart, and determines the consequences later this was disastrous. She has returned this year to help chaperone her cousins, mostly to make sure they don't fall for the same "lines" she did. She didn't count on her parents setting up a marriage for her, or meeting her betrothed on a dueling field, while trying to save a childhood friend.

Viscount Rexley has taken on a lot of responsibility in the last six months, since he found his father after a failed suicide attempt. Now he is trying to save the family fortune, and start looking for a wife. Unfortunately his father signs a marriage contract with a woman he hasn't met. But, while Lady Patience drives him insane he is instantly drawn to her. Can they overcome their differences and let their love blossom?

Patience is a wonderful romantic story where the main character leads with her heart at all costs. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the suspense and the characters. The author does a wonderful job of letting us see not only into Patience's head but also into Rexley's at the same time. Seeing their reactions to each other, and their love grow. I thoroughly recommend Patience for those who love a Historical Romance, and I seriously hope that Patience's cousins get their own tales.


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