Never Let Go by M.L. Rhodes
Amber Quill Press
Gay / Contemporary
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-069-5 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Cassie




Will McLaren has secretly loved his outgoing, daring, popular best friend Ethan Gallagher for years.  Shy, studious Will believes heíll ruin their friendship if he says anything, though, so he keeps his secret.  On the night of his sisterís wedding, the secret slips out.  Then, after only one incredible night together, Ethan leaves and doesnít come back.

Ethan and Will both had secrets, but Ethanís were serious enough to keep him away for three years.  After a terrible ordeal, heís finally free to return to the man heís always lovedóbut Will feels angry and betrayed at his long absence.  Will Ethan be able to show his best friend how much he loves him, or will their secrets be too much to overcome?

Simply put, Never Let Go is an incredible book.  M.L. Rhodesís deep characterization made it easy to care about both Will and Ethan, and I was very moved by their deep love for each other.  They face serious obstacles in the story, but I never stopped rooting for them.  Each step in the story brought me closer to the characters.  I laughed, cried, and rejoiced right along with them as the book unfolded.  One of the best things about the story was the way Will and Ethan grew and changed.  Ethan begins the story self-assured and outgoing, but after his ordeal emerges much different.  Will starts out shy and biddable.  Near the end, they had somewhat of a role-reversal, and yet they were still essentially the same men they had been beforeójust with more facets.  This is my first book by Ms. Rhodes, but it certainly wonít be my last!  Never Let Go is a sweet, hot, vastly enjoyable story of finding love, losing it, and finding it again.  I definitely recommend this book.  It will leave you believing in second chances. 


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