Immortal Protector by Ursula Bauer
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-59998-501-2
Reviewed by Nannette




Gideon Sinclair is an immortal soldier known as a champion.  He has been sent by the Tribunal to kill Meg Carter because a mystic told the Council of Wardens that Meg is responsible for setting off a chain of events that could start a war between two gods.   If the war takes place, the world may come to an end.  Gideon has reservations though; he's not sure if Meg is to blame, so instead of killing her, he protects her.   The attraction that simmers between them is growing strong but Gideon has a job to do and falling in love is not part of the plan, nor is it something he is willing or able to do.

As the gods continue to play their deadly game, Meg's life and the fate of the world hang in the balance.

From beginning to end, Immortal Protector is absolutely riveting. Gideon is magnificent.   He can slay demons with impressive fierceness then hold Meg in a tender lovers embrace.  Meg is strong, intelligent and compassionate, and an equal match for Gideon.   Immortal Protector is a captivating story with a stunning storyline, fascinating characters, and a love story that transcends all boundaries.


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