For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks
Berkley Trade
Erotic Anthology/Contemporary/Ménage
ISBN: 978-0425217498
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



What She Wants:

Kit Townsend, Travis ‘Mac’ McKenzie, and Ryder Sinclair have been friends since childhood.  What started out as friendship within the triad has turned into more, at least for Ryder and Mac.  Kit wants to commit herself to a relationship with the only men she trusts, but is frightened by the intensity of the feelings they arouse in her.  When she is once again the victim of a vicious, unknown attacker, Kit has no choice but to allow Ryder and Mac into her private life and into her heart.  With these two men beside her during the day and loving her at night, safety and pleasure are hers for the taking.

What She Needs:

Mac and Kit have formed a solid relationship with each other and look forward to the times Ryder is with them solidifying the love they have for each other.  Kit, however, is anxious and finds herself reluctant to commit wholeheartedly to Mac.  It seems that not only does she want to spend the rest of her life with Mac, she wants to do it with Ryder as the third player in this game of love.  Will Mac be able to accept Kit’s need to have Ryder as a part of her life?  Kit hopes so because she is unable to let Ryder go.

What She Craves:

Two long years ago, Mia Nichols gave herself fully to the only man she has ever loved; Jack Kincaid.  Giving him the gift of her body completely, Mia had visions of forever only to find out two days later that the man she thought she knew, the man that had been her protector and savior since she was sixteen years old, left her without a word or thought.  When he walks back into the hell that her life has become, Mia wants no part of him.  Jack decides then and there that while he might not be the best man for Mia, he will be the last man for her and goes about proving just that fact to Mia.

Break out the fans because this anthology, For Her Pleasure, is hot enough to make even the coolest reader sweat!  I don’t think I have yet recovered.  Maya Banks has woven three interlocking tales into one blazing anthology that I was unable to stop reading, not to mention stop thinking about.  What starts out as friendship between these players, becomes so much more in each enticingly beautiful tale.  In “What She Wants”, Mac and Ryder quickly won my heart with their unconditional love for Kit and I anxiously awaited Kit’s decision.  Knowing with a heavy heart that I would have been unable to choose between the two men, I applauded her choice and her guts in making the decision she did.  Jack Kincaid, on the other hand, was a bit tougher for me to love.  His treatment of Mia at her most vulnerable was very heart wrenching to read but alas, I can admit to understanding his reasons.  His making up to Mia for hurting her actually made me squirm he was so relentless in his seduction.  In fact, visions of naughty Texas rangers fill my head and that is all right with me.

For Her Pleasure is the ultimate in pleasurable reading.  Enticing, enchanting, and sinfully sensual, I couldn’t have asked for a better anthology.  All three stories captivated my attention and made me yearn for more.  I am pleased as a punch to watch Maya Banks continue to evolve as a writer and I can’t help but read everything she releases.  I am officially a fan-girl of this talented writer and can’t help but highly recommend For Her Pleasure when it is released in September. 


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