Faith by Jet Mykles
Heaven Sent Series, Book 4
Loose Id
Yaoi Contemporary (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-501-2
Reviewed by Sabella




Darien is feeling left out as the only member of Heaven Sent thatís still single.  So when he feels a spark with a woman that he gets along with he marries her.  However, this doesnít really solve Darienís problem Ė loneliness.  When after seven months his marriage collapses, Darien is forced to realize that this marriage was a mistake Ė driven by his wish to have that connection with someone like his band mates share with their lovers.  Through it all, Darien wonders at what his friendís experiences are with their male lovers, which before meeting his lawyer Christopher Faith has always been only of academic interest.  Now, however, the interest is more than academic when he finds himself attracted to Chris.  Still, what starts as an experiment for Darien turns into a whole lot more Ė at least on his end.  But will Chris let Darien close enough to find out if what they have is real?

Christopher Faith has been burned before, but he is willing to be Darienís partner on his walk on the wild side experimenting with another man.  While Chris thinks that all they have between them is just sex heís fine, but when Darien lets him know that heís feeling something deeper Ė Chris runs as fast as he can because Chris is NOT going to be burned again.

Darien needs to convince Chris to believe in him and in what they have together, but will Chris give him the chance to try?

When I picked up Faith for review I was expecting a superb book to finish the series and I wasnít disappointed.  Darien and Chris are amazingly tender, emotional and hot together Ė just like you have come to expect from the Heaven Sent boys.  Darien is particularly wonderful to read about because through him you get to experience that wonderful sense of exhilaration and amazement that you feel when you discover something wonderful in a place you would never have expected.  Chris is more intense as through him you experience the vulnerability we all feel when you have to take the risk of loving again after living through heartbreak.  Both of these men are lava hot when they come together and it will singe your fingers if you arenít careful.  Jet Mykles outdid herself with Faith as the conclusion to the series and if you havenít met the Heaven Sent boys you should run over and buy yourself the entire series Ė you wonít regret it.  Faith is by far one of the best Yaoi romances out there and destined for your keeper shelf.  Donít miss out, pick up Faith today.


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