Exclusive by Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, Lisa Renee Jones
Erotic Romance/Light BDSM
ISBN-10: 0425217078
ISBN-13: 978-0425217078
Reviewed by Barb




Sanctuary by Eden Bradley

An innocent young woman ventures into the dungeons of a private club to broaden her erotic horizons. Devin finds herself thinking thoughts she has never had before. Mostly, her thoughts center around Shaye. Wondering what would happen if she goes through with them – where will they lead her. And how can she say no?

Sanctuary is a well-written story that draws you into the mind of a woman who has control of her life and who realizes maybe control is not what she wants or needs.


Wild Night by Jaci Burton

The owner of a swinger's club ignores her hands-off-the-customers policy when a certain sexy newcomer joins. Grace Wylde has her life the way she likes it. However, it does not hold any surprises. One night, Mike Nottingham walks into that life and shows her that maybe she has not seen or felt as much as she thought she had.

Wild Night is a well-crafted tale of two people learning that the games they have always enjoyed may not be all there is to life.


Purple Magic by Lisa Renee Jones

A daring woman searches for her lost friend in the hedonistic world of Manhattan's underground nightspots.  Jolene Morrison’s best friend has disappeared. In her search to find her Jolene ends up requesting help from Drago, a Slayer. But can she pay the price?

Purple Magicdraws you in and makes you wonder, what would you do for your family? For your friends?  As well, it makes you realize you can meet your soul mate when you least expect it. It is well-written.


Exclusive is three well-written stories of women and men learning more about themselves and their boundaries. Each author took their story in a different direction than the others while still maintaining the same level of excellent writing. After I finished reading I sat back and realized that I could not choose a favorite. Each story was unique and steamy. I was left satisfied and yet wishing all three stories were their own book rather than part of a collection. I will be looking to find other stores by all three authors in the future. I highly recommend this book.


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